Thumbless Baby Mittens

Looking for a great gift for a newborn or an extremely quick and easy knitting project? Check out Jen Gontier’s Thumbless Baby Mittens. The pattern, from HipKnitized is free and if you are a beginner knitter, there is nothing simpler!

I’ve used a self-striping yarn (, which I bought on, thus the end result. What do you think? Are you feeling inspired?

Pattern link:

Ravelry link:

Thumbless Baby Mittens



Such a long absence! :)

Well, first of all, so sorry for the extremely long absence. Between being pregnant (and VERY sleepy), having the baby and all things in between, my blog was somewhat abandoned… 🙂

Nevertheless, I’m back! In the meantime, I’ve learned how to knit and have been spending some time improving my skills. I’ve already made a few things that I’ll be sharing with you later on!

Happy crafting, everyone!im-back