Granny Square to Wear – or the world’s easiest top

In between the dreadful work overload of the past few days, I managed to crochet this little delight. Yes, CROCHET. I’ve been so busy learning how to knit that I had “forgotten” that I’m actually much better (and quicker) at crocheting.

granny5This particularly pattern is Amanda Tipton’s take on a “Granny Square to Wear”. And what a great concept it is! In the matter of a couple of hours, you’ll have a great baby top, perfect for these sad Spring days. All you really need to know is how to crochet a granny square (check out Teresa’s blog if you need help – and then take some time to join both pieces. It’s instant-crochet-satisfaction! 🙂

The pattern may be found here:

Or on Ravelry

And here’s my creation! I have another one hooked up already, so more updates to follow!Fotor041021406



One down – plenty of projects to go!

Despite being completely swamped with work, I still have time to do my thing!

This is an extremely easy and quick knitted baby top. I had to use 5.00mm needles to obtain correct gauge. Little A. is currently 6-month old and the top still has some room to grow. Good! The yarn is Sirdar Summer Stripes (Sombrero), which is 60% Cotton, 40% Acrylic, which is super soft and quick. And, the best thing is, it only took 1 skein!

You can find the pattern here at Ravelry, as a free download:

Queue it on Ravelry!


TBMCreations – 2 Bored Moms Creations

First of all, I’ve already completed several projects on my stash, but I’ve been so busy with work that I didn’t even have the time to photograph them. Bah… 😦

Second, a while back, Michelle and Jackie were kind enough to ask for my permission to sell flowers they’ve made from my pattern (found here – and I said yes, of course! Well, these are 2 VERY creative moms! You can find them on Facebook ( and make sure you stop by their shop on Etsy (, where you will be able to find these lovely, über-cute things: